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The first digital auction agency for horseracing open to all three disciplines

AUCTAV has been standing out since 2021 with its innovation, agility, and tailor-made online solutions. The young agency has revolutionized the horseracing auction market and customer experience by offering a 100% digital solution with regular, easily accessible auctions worldwide open to all disciplines.

Two years after its launch, AUCTAV continues its digital growth and has also completely renovated the historic Haras de Bois Roussel to establish its headquarters and offer a top-notch sales complex for horses, sellers, and buyers. The setting is exceptional for hosting its major annual sales, initially the Rouges Terres Sale for trotters and the National Hunt Sale for national-hunt horses, and since 2023 the Selected Trotting Yearlings Sale.

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AUCTAV has expanded its expertise into the art domain by launching AUCTAVArt in 2023.

AUCTAVArt is revolutionizing the auction market by being present on major live and online selling platforms. This concept of easily accessible auctions open to all disciplines worldwide allows for achieving the best results during sales, regularly bringing together between 400 and 600 registered and selected internet users. AUCTAVArt acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, selects lots and secures transactions.

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Looking for an exceptional venue for your events?

AUCTAVEvent has the perfect solution. The Haras de Bois Roussel is a magnificent venue imbued in history, offering chic and elegant architecture amidst 8 hectares of pristine nature. Spaces have been renovated to accommodate horse and art auction sales under optimal conditions. The clock tower building, numerous annexes and the modular marquee capable of seating up to 600 people make it a special space for private family or corporate events. Bois Roussel is tailored-made to suit your dreams.

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