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What is the activity of your business?

Auctav is an online service which allows you to have access to bloodstock sales, breeding rights and stallion shares throughout the year. Auctav functions as an auction house with regular sales throughout the year and is open to all sectors of the horse racing industry during each session. No borders, no restrictions alongside total transparency around the presentation of each lot and transactions. Whether you are a buyer seller or a bloodstock agent, Auctav is at your service.

What was your reason for creating Auctav?

Often, auction sales arrive too early or too late for the sale of your horses. Auctav aims to maximise each lot presented in the catalogue by selling at the right moment in a market that is constantly moving. Auctav proposes horses which will attract a large following of potential buyers.

What is your sales platform?

The 100% online service allows us to put bloodstock up for auction via an innovative sales platform. Clients are attracted to Auctav thanks to a targeted product, assistance with their purchases and all in total security. With its online format, Auctav's catalogue is open to vendors and buyers world-wide.

How will online sales be run?

If you would like to enter your horse in the Auctav sales, contact us directly by email or phone. At one end, Auctav selects the lots which will be presented and assures, by these visits and then by veterinary visits, the quality of the horses. At the other end, our requirements ensure secure payments.

When will they take place? Will there be regular sales?

Auctav sales will be held at regular dates, always on a Wednesday. The precise calendar can be found on our internet site Auctav.com and on our social media networks. Between sales we will communicate the highlights and details of the next sale.

Can you tell me the services that will be made available to your clients?

First of all, a personalised service from our team; buyers and sellers will have at their disposal an account allowing them to enter the sales room and our internet site Auctav.com. They can carry out their sales and their purchases in complete security. Thanks to our IT system, you can select lots that are of interest and request to receive relevant alerts and notifications.

What are the benefits for vendors?

As each lot is unique, Auctav is at your side to build your horse's file. When you sell a horse with Auctav, several possibilities are open to you allowing you to sell at the peak moment for your horse, whatever the discipline and right through from the stud farm to the racecourse. Our international marketing and communication allows us to reach the maximum of potential buyers. We secure transactions via bank transfers and lots cannot be transferred to the buyer until the paperwork is finalised and the payments are received by Auctav.

What are the advantages for purchasers?

Auctav is founded on transparency and a total confidence in it's online sales. If you would like to buy a lot presented on Auctav, you will need to sign up and provide necessary documents to prove your identity and capacity to buy. When you have made your choice, you will be alerted to the start of the sale by email and you can bid during the session that opens on that date during the times indicated on the website. Most of the information for each lot is accessible to all, as well as photos and videos of the horses. In order to gain access to the veterinary file of a particular lot, you will need a veterinarian to access the repository. An Auctav bidder is a verified bidder. At the end of the sale, the payments will be carried out via bank transfer, according to the time-scales conforming to the General Conditions of Sale.

What is the commission to intermediaries?

Intermediaries, bloodstock agents or trainers are an indispensable link in the sales chain. Be it they are stakeholders through visits or through bidding, with Auctav they are totally integrated in the online auction sales process. Whenever a buyer has asked for assistance from an intermediary, the buyer only needs to give the name of the intermediary at the end of the buying process. The intermediary can also buy directly for clients through their own account with Auctav. The intermediary's commission will be paid to him/her according to the general Conditions of Sale and once the administrative documents of the horse have been finalised.

What are the Auctav fees?

For the vendor, the entry fee for a foal, yearling, horse in training or a broodmare is €490 + VAT per lot. For breeding rights and stallion shares the entry fee is €350 + VAT per lot. For the buyer, the sales commission is 6% + VAT For the vendor, there are no Auctav commissions, only the commission of an intermediary (if applicable). Some extra fees can apply. For more details, refer to the general Conditions of Sale.

Where can I see the horse before the sale?

If you would like to see a horse offered in the Auctav catalogue, the location and contact details for the horse can be found under its lot information on the Auctav.com site and you can contact the vendor to inspect the horse. Dedicated viewings of your chosen lots allow you to take the time to form your opinion and speak with the vendor or their representative.

How will you ensure security and the payment to vendors?

Auctav is a 100% online bloodstock auction service. The first of its kind in France. At the end of the sale, an email confirmation will be sent to the buyer. After validation of the mail, the buyer has 8 days to make payment via bank transfer. Once the documents are in order and the payment has been received, the 'release form' will be given to the buyer and he/she has 48 hours to arrange for collection of their purchase. For more details, refer to the general Conditions of Sale.

In the case of a bidding dispute, what happens?

In the case of a bidding dispute, the General Conditions of Sale apply and the horse may be re-offered during the next sale.